Servicing dental labs and clinics extensively across Canada

Camcube manufactures and commercializes advanced restorative solutions that cover all fixed and removable clinical prosthetic indications. From our four locations in the province of Quebec, over 70 skilled professionals service hundreds of clinicians and dozens of dental laboratories every day with customized dental prosthetics as well as specialized equipment, materials and services of the highest quality.

Our mission is to empower dental professionals with digital technologies and prosthetic solutions that allow them to restore their patients’ smiles with ease and mastery.

Interdisciplinary and international R&D teams

Our R&D teams include software, mechanical and materials engineers who endeavor to create technologies, materials, systems and processes that simplify and enhance the daily lives of clinicians, their staff and those of their laboratory partners. From our facility in Izmir, Turkey, Camcube manufactures its own advanced 5-axis milling machines that are seamlessly integrated within our PLM to ensure complete mastery of production outcomes.

Our leaders

Levent Ak
VP Products and Solutions
Naoum Araj
Chairman of the board of directors
Marc-Antoine Archambault TPAD
VP Education and Training
Laboratory Director


Chen Feng
VP Materials and Consumables
Hakan Hekimoglu
Chief Operating Officer
Sylvie Landry
VP Finance, Administration and HR
Long Li
VP Research and Development
Steve Morissette
Michael Schreck TPAD
VP Clinical Solutions
Laboratory Director


Conrad Venne TPAD
VP Business Development