Create customizable and highly-precise surgical guides

The guide designer offers the most flexible tools to create surgical guides that are exactly tailored to the patient’s anatomic needs.

  • Time-saving guide design wizard
  • Surgical guides with tooth, gingiva, bone or pin support, plus combined variants
  • Palatal support and/or lateral fixation to facilitate edentulous cases
  • Dual-scan workflow supported
  • Open STL output format enables automated, high-capacity 3D printing of surgical guides.

Benefit from an open and a completely digital workflow

coDiagnostiX features an open architecture with interfaces that ensure compatibility with all open CB(CT), intraoral, model, and impression scanners, plus open CAD/CAM solutions.

Access a comprehensive and regularly updated library featuring:

  • Implant, sleeve, and abutment systems from multiple manufacturers;
  • The option to create custom elements to meet individual needs;
  • Data export in open STL format that allows for local guide production with cost-efficient and high-volume production technologies.

Provide integrated prosthetic and implant services

  • Open new revenue streams by connecting to a compatible CAD/CAM solution
  • Leverage digital case data and access to implant cases
  • Design and produce temporary restorations or customized gingiva formers for provision at the time of implant surgery.