Design a comprehensive range of dental indications

DWOS® covers an extensive range of dental indications such as crowns, implant bars and bridges, full and partial dentures, custom abutments, onlays, veneers and more. Plus, DWOS® is modular and can be expanded to new indications to meet the evolving needs of the dental lab.


DWOS Crown and Bridge

As the foundation of prosthetic design within DWOS , this module includes numerous features to create multiple types of crown restorations, such as:

  • Full contour crown & bridge
  • Coping and bridge framework
  • Anatomical telescope
  • Hollow pontic
  • Inlay, onlay and veneer
  • Post & core

DWOS Implant Prosthetics

Manages the design of custom abutments, healing caps, implant bars, and full virtual wax-ups for screw-retained bars & bridges, while giving access to a wide range of implant systems. This module features advanced editing functions to produce consistently precise and custom results.


DWOS Partial Frameworks

To design highly accurate frameworks for partial dentures in just a few minutes, for significant savings in time and materials. The features available in this module allow a combined design of removable and fixed restorations with ease, including the following:

  • Combined order (telescopic crown)
  • Upper or lower arch framework
  • Definition of the insertion axis
  • Automatic undercut detection

DWOS Model Builder

Replaces the manual model-making process with the equivalent digital creation for consistently precise models for several indications such as upper and lower arch frameworks.


DWOS Full Dentures

Provides an easy and efficient way to digitally address edentulous cases with functional tooth set-up and esthetic gingiva proposal.


DWOS Bite Splints

Designs protectors and mouth guards of various kinds. Module features include flattening of the bite splint and dynamic occlusion with the virtual articulator.


DWOS Orthodontic Archiving

To design virtual orthodontic study models for digital archiving and digital manufacturing. Model types to choose from: Tweed, American, and French.