Highlights and benefits

Versatility: covers a wide range of dental applications and indications: from the single element to long-span bridges, for the posterior and anterior areas.

Biocompatibility: healthy and comfortable, approved medical device in Canada.

Low thermal conductivity (1/17 of gold): good for dental pulp.

Several colours: in line with the VITA® chart.

Natural esthetics: available in colour and translucency gradients.

Resistance to hydrothermal aging: no degradation or loss of mechanical properties over time.

Mechanical performance: high flexural strength, even in demanding situations.

Excellent value: superior quality at competitive pricing.

Reliable and reproducible results: isostatically pressed, the BioZir discs have a constant and uniform shrinkage factor. The milling process is fast and does not produce microfractures.

Open system: BioZir disks are compatible with most open CAD/CAM systems.

Overview table – properties and indications for each BioZir category

  Multilayer Flexural
Strength (MPa)
Translucency Colours Recommended Indications Sintering Temperature Cost
BioZir HS
High Strength
No 1300 35 % Solid white Substructures
Abutments on on Ti base
1530°C $
BioZir ST
Super Translucent
No 1200 42 % Solid white Substructures 1530°C $
Super Translucent
No 1200 42 % Solid
16 colours
Abutments on Ti base
1530°C $$
Super Translucent
Yes 1200 42 % Gradient
16 colors
Crowns and bridges
Full posterior crowns
1530°C $$$
BioZir 3DMT Yes From 700 (incisal)
to 1050 (cervical)
From 57 % (incisal)
to 43 % (cervical)
17 colours
Anterior and posterior full crowns and bridges
1500°C $$$$

Version 3.0

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