Key features

  • Very rigid bulkhead construction, built in mono-block ductile cast iron, thus minimizing thermal expansion and significantly reducing transmission of vibrations
  • Powerful and high-speed kinematics combined with unprecedented motion flexibility and degrees of freedom
  • Maximum accuracy and precision achieved with direct motor connections for maximum precision
  • Clean machining, clear unobstructed milling environment, easy maintenance

Distinctive applications

  • Horizontal and vertical hole milling
  • Mamelon and ¾ crown milling
  • Better gingival emergence profiles for custom abutments
  • Wider angle limits for SRBBs
  • Full dentures
  • Two-phased material milling

Millable materials

  • Cobalt-chrome and titanium
  • Zirconia
  • Glass and hybrid ceramics
  • PEEK and composites
  • Wax, PMMA and polyamides


  • Hybrid-milling: combining additive manufacturing (AM) processes with subtractive manufacturing (SM)
  • Touch-probing system
  • HSK usage with DC-Spindle
  • Zero point clamping system
  • Robotic automation